Wednesday, 13 June 2012

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The closing date for the Equal Civil Marriage consultation is 14th June. Please fill this in and let the Government know what you think!

Several people in the HAES blogging world have embarked upon a hilarious campaign to mock foolish fat-hating rhetoric by adopting Secret Agent personae drawn from the Avengers films! As Kath at Fat Heffalump argues:
Fat hate, even that which is supposedly out of “concern” for us, is all about making us feel bad about who we are, about the bodies we inhabit.  It is meant to make us shrink down and disappear, out of shame and embarrassment.  So it’s really important that we make fun of it.
FAO anyone who isn't convinced that women in the public eye face some pretty serious fuckery re: public discourse that prioritises discussing their appearance over their ideas, Melissa McEwan at Shakesville presents: What Ed Klein Thinks About Hilary Clinton.

NEWSFLASH: Theresa May wants the UK Border Agency to stop issuing family visas to any non-EU national whose British partner earns less than £25,000 per annum, regardless of whether the non-EU partner has their own job. This is seriously, spectacularly messed up (it's already really hard and getting harder for non-EU nationals to get working rights in the UK: just ask our Galatea, who's currently doing battle with the UKBA).

  • Read about one couple's experience here: I'm Poor, So Deport My Wife
  • And find a petition and handy-dandy form that lets you contact your MPs about this in under 2 minutes flat here
  • You can also contact Shadow Immigration Minister Chris Bryant using this link.

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