Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Links round up

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Just in time for the Edinburgh Festival, Annalytica has launched a new website all about feminist performers.

Jenni is part of a new 201-level asexuality blog, and can be found under the name Pix over on http://asexualagenda.wordpress.com/. Whilst you're there, have a read of another blogger, Aydan's work on Sexism and Asexuality.

Why I'm An Intersex Feminist: Boldly Go writes on intersectionality, privilege and women-only spaces. 'Feminism is varied and it applies to people as their intersection dictates. I have abandoned the notion of deciding what feminism “needs to focus on” and realised my own privilege.'

Charlotte Cooper writes about posing for the Adipositivity Project: "I love the Adipositivity aesthetic, which is totally at home with femme and queer identity, often full of delicious colour, witty, sexy, imaginative, and stuffed with personality and style ... When you appear on the site it's a measure of how far you've come in refuting fatphobia. It's not only about having your picture taken and allowing others to see it, it's also about being able to look at your own image without terror or disgust."

This week, the debate over fisting and extreme pornography is back in the courts with a man on trial for being sent emails containing photographs of fisting. You can follow the trial live on twitter at #porntrial.

We may not see eye-to-eye with John Scalzi on everything, but his response to sexist twerps ragging on female cosplayers [TW for misogyny at that link] is right on the money... Who Gets to Be a Geek? ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BE!

The whole Anita Sarkeesian...thing has been a source of rage to a number of Lashers, this blog entry, was by far the most helpful reading on the topic to some of us.

[TW for discussion of rape and rape humour in the next couple of links.] On the back of Daniel Tosh's 'hilarious' comedy stylings earlier this month, Kate Harding put together a list of 15 Rape jokes that, in her opinion, actually work. [Spoiler: the punchline? All 15 are about rape culture rather than rape.]

How To Be A Fan of Problematic Things: Not really new at this point, but a really good 101 on, well, being a fan of problematic things and the idea that just because you're criticizing something, doesn't mean you don't still love it.


  1. You appear to have the same link twice in the Daniel Tosh paragraph?

    (Lot of really interesting links though, thanks!)

  2. Looks like the intended link was probably http://kateharding.info/2012/07/13/15-rape-jokes-that-work/