Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Links round-up

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Ta-Nehisi Coates: Fear of a Black President: Coates discusses the ways in which President Obama has had to work around the dynamic whereby members of a historically-oppressing group fear the anger of the historically-oppressed. This is a powerful and important essay, particularly as the world begins gearing up for the 2012 election. We advise against reading the comments.

This is very saddening, and also very, very accurate: How To Succeed in Journalism When You Can't Afford An Internship. (Spoilers -- the answer involves inheriting family money).

Via the magic of Tumblr, we stumbled across an excellent example of providing role models for our kids: a father who wears a skirt to help his son feel okay about wearing the clothes he wants to nursery school. (Kaberett has translated the article on their own blog.)

Diary of a Goldfish offers some practical advice on ways of dismantling rape culture in your own social circles.

Miranda at Bad Reputation puts together a dream dinner party of funny women - including our very own Sally Outen!

YMMV, but several Lashers have been laughing at this all weekend: the Exotic White Girls tumblr pokes hilarious fun at Othering/commodification of WoC and non-European cultures. Particularly recommended: 'The Goddess, Princess' and 'American Suburb: A Study in Blanc'.

Adorable vintage photos of men demonstrating affection to each other: platonic, bromantic, or homoromantic? You decide!

Ruth at Trans Activist offers an insightful, personal two-part analysis of what "riot grrrl" means to her as a trans feminist musician, and why she is eager to "reclaim a version of riot grrrl for here and now".

Brighton Feminist Collective interviews Hel Gurney about feminism, fundraising, and The Cutlery Drawer's events (at which Lashings regularly play)!

Scientist Ben Barres. a trans man, discusses his experiences with sexism in a field which suddenly took him much more seriously when he was presenting as male.

Asexualitea brings an enlightening discussion of what the overlap between asexuality and kink can look like.

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