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Links Round-up 26/02/2013

Lashings of Ginger Bee Timer
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Hello All,

As part of our weekly round-up, here are some things from around the tubes of the internet that we’d like to share with you...

The folks at UK Feminist Blog ‘The F-Word’ are looking for more volunteers to get involved. Could that be you?

N. K. Jemisin wants to know where our outrage is over Hollywood and the Oscars’ treatment of Quvenzhan√© Wallis.

As part of Women in Horror recognition month, author Lisa Tuttle writes in Bad Reputation on the topic of Female authors in Horror literature. http://www.badreputation.org.uk/2013/02/25/guest-post-lisa-tuttle-women-in-the-clubhouse-of-horror/

[Strong TW: Sexual Violence, misogyny and sexism] Laurie Penny reporting in Egypt on the difficult situation of sexual violence in post-revolution Egypt.  

Scott Jordan Harris on the presence of disability on film. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ouch/2013/02/disability_in_film_are_attitud.html

A piece on OUSU’s ‘I need feminism because’ campaign. http://oxford.tab.co.uk/2013/02/06/womcam-whiteboards-hit-rad-cam-in-radical-revolution/

A Feminism 101 type piece on how white QUILTBAG+++ persons can be more aware about casual racism and its impact in relation to inclusivity.

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