Tuesday, 23 July 2013


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The first two service dogs for people with early-stage dementia have recently started work!

Shani / andustar - the graphic designer who creates all of Lashings' most iconic imagery, including the Cabaret-face above -  writes about the process of learning about gender and starting to unlearn cissexism in "Gender and Lies-To-Children".

At Body Impolitic, evolutionary psychology gets the thrashing it deserves [content notes: willpower, fat-shaming, intellectual elitism].

In terrifying political news - quite apart from Monday's announcement of a "curb on porn", likely (as these things so often do) to also restrict access to sites about sexual health and LGBT issues - we have Disagree With An ATOS Decision? Then Starve, Says the DWP [content notes: institutional ableism, poverty, ATOS, DWP].

On a vaguely related note, Autostraddle brings us an article on queer lady dating while disabled [content note: ableism].

In slightly more encouraging (though heartbreaking) political news, a 12-year-old Egyptian boy rocks a political interview [note: video; no transcript at link].

Still grim: MacDonald's released a suggested budget for employees - which neatly demonstrates how impossible it is to live on the wage the corporation pays.

Sorry - I'm not managing much cheerful this week - but have yet another post on why same-sex marriage is not equal marriage. And another one.

-- and, to end on a slightly more cheerful note...

... via Storify, we get a glimpse at a talk entitled Investigating the Female Gaze.

... the ever-marvellous CN Lester has, over the past several weeks, been hosting a series of Q&As on gender, answered by a panel. Here's the masterpost for the Beyond the Binary series.

What have you been reading, writing, or thinking this week?

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