Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Lashings of Ginger Bee TimerPosted by Lashings of Ginger Beer Time

Round-up of news and blog responses to the McNally sex-by-deception case.

Autostraddle brings us an article on queerbaiting in current media.

At The F Word, Romance, Misogyny and Near Misses [content note: abuse] takes a look at the ways in which abuse is coded as "romantic gestures".

Trans activist Sarah Brown has written a FAQ/explanation on the topic of why trans people are currently talking about a "spousal veto", and what it means.

This weekend at Captain Awkward, there's a suggested strategy for dealing with depression that has kaberett punching the air and saying "IT'S NOT JUST ME!": make the job smaller [content note: depression].

John Scalzi, writer of beautiful military speculative fiction heavy on the sociology and diverse characters, wants people to know he has their back: My New Convention Harassment Policy, which he followed up with a co-sign thread and a FAQ/detailed explanation, in which he name-checks Nine Worlds' anti-harassment policy!

On a related note, sasha_feather has begun a list of conventions and conferences with accessibility policies at the geekfeminism wiki - and has provided more details of their thinking in their own blog.

Photographer John William Keedy has put together a photo essay about what anxiety feels like, entitled It's Hardly Noticeable - and it's extremely powerful.

At Huffpo, Diane Ehrens writes When Talking About Children's Gender, Words Matter [content notes: gatekeeping, cissexism].

Once again, kaberett's been writing elsewhere this week - an article on open-source culture and oppression inherent in meritocracies, entitled tech competence vs tech confidence.

 What have you been reading - and writing - this week?

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