Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Linkspam: poems and schooling and art, oh my!

Lashings of Ginger Bee TimerPosted by Lashings of Ginger Beer Time

People of Colour in European Art History (Because You Wouldn't Want To Be Historically Inaccurate) is a brilliant, brilliant response to the tired old argument that we can't have characters of colour in historical/mediaeval fantasy because it's just not accurate...

Dr Meg Barker (pronoun: they) has put out a call for speakers on the subject of Mindfulness and Mental Health, to coincide with their book launch (London, November 1st).

One of Jill Peters' recent projects involves photography and interviews with burnesha ("Sworn Virgins") of Albania, preserving some of the history of the variety of gendered reality and expression in European history.

On the topic of photography, via the tumblrs we also bring you Hidden in the Open: A Photographic Essay of Afro American Male Couples.

New York City has redesigned the symbology denoting accessibility [content note: use of "handicapped"], with the impact expanded on by Sociological Images in the past.

Want some (more) history? Alas, A Blog brings us Male Feminism in 1914.

And finally, elsenet kaberett wrote a personal exploration of the poem How To Make Love To A Trans Person [explicit; contains detailed discussion of surgery].

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