Tuesday 22 April 2014

Linkspam - 22nd April, 2014

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We've another bumper-sized links roundup for you today, with several(!) quite recent ones, as well as a few more links to the past for good measure.

On the Independent, Kaliya Franklin and Gary Bourlet point out that, for disabled people and those with learning disabilities, the "sacking" of ATOS won't change anything.

Alana Mancuso at the Mary Sue takes the opportunity to speak in praise of the women of Elementary.

CN Lester explains why we're all non-binary.

On Bad Housekeeping, Umber Ghauri describes the quest for brown foundation, with triggers for white supremacism.

John Scalzi suggests the existence of four levels of discrimination, categorising different ways that people respond to structural privilege.

Alicia Liu has a post on overcoming imposter syndrome, from her perspective as a woman in programming.

Kat of Mixosaurus writes on content, choice and consent - "The specific content I will be discussing is sexual assault, but there will be brief mentions of police violence, forced feeding, transphobia and death (cancer and suicide)".

change.org has a petition asking that Chris Grayling review and amend the new rules which restrict prisoners' access to books and family items.

At cuppacocoa, Joellen provides a better way to say sorry, to help children learn empathy...

...and on MindShift, Katrina Schwartz considers recent studies with implications for how to give good praise to girls, and what messages stick.

Amina Jabbar, guest contributor on Racialicious, offers a Muslimahs guide to rocking the world.

Autostraddle has the post, Claudia is Intersex, let's talk about it - including mention of nonconsensual surgical alteration and prejudices against intersex people.

My Modern Met showcases a series of self-portraits by a young photographer with depression - with triggers for mental health issues.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Linkspam - 8th April 2014

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Links links links....

On Racialicious, Thea Lim explores the differences between Stories that Ally vs Stories that Appropriate, with particular reference to James Cameron's Avatar, and including reference to the historical and continued oppression of indigenous communities.

Cordelia Fine joins The Conversation to discuss a recent study within neuroscience that has been widely misrepresented in the press - New insights into gendered brain wiring, or a perfect case study in neurosexism?

Paul Cocozza at the Guardian takes a look inside the UK's first social supermarket.

Noelle, creator of Nimona, talks about body positivity and life-drawing classes - NSFW, and with reference to body image issues.

DavidG at Where's the Benefit? provides commentary on a recent speech from the Chair of the company in charge of extracting and sharing our medical records: Care.Data In Their Own Words.

At Sociological Images, Lisa Wade discusses that recent Snickers advert - you know, the one that mocks the idea that men can respect women.

On the Wire, Lilit Marcus explains Why You Shouldn't Share Those Emotional 'Deaf Person Hears For The First Time' Videos.

Slate writer Tressie McMillan Cottom highlights the dangers of ignoring structural racism and treating higher education as a market, on the occasion that Minneapolis professor Shannon Gibney is reprimanded for talking about racism.

Freedom in Wickedness offers a perspective on a piece of terminology that has created discord between and within trans and intersex communities: Once More, On CAMAB/CAFAB Terminology.

Stavvers writes on the almost unheralded shutting down of NHS Direct - in this instance, it is worth readinɡ the comments.

Musa Okwonga articulates why Mandela will never, ever be your minstrel, with triggers for racist oppression.