Recommended Reading


These are some sites we enjoy. Many of them discuss similar themes to this blog, and most have a similar safe space policy, though of course we cannot guarantee that external sites will be safe spaces and some may contain triggers.

All round awesome feminist blog, with a very useful "Feminism 101" section.

Raising my Boychick
Arwyn writes about feminism, motherhood, mental health, body acceptance and fighting the kyriarchy.

Shapely Prose
Shapely Prose has stopped updating, but the archive is well worth a read. It's mostly about body acceptance.

Sociological Images
Sociological analysis of pictures and videos taken from popular culture, often with a gender angle.

Velvet Coalmine
Rhian blogs about music, history, and politics - but most of all about how they intersect.

Bitch Magazine
A feminist response to pop culture. This is actually a print magazine but unless you live in the US or Canada, it's mightily expensive to subscribe. Luckily the online version is also brilliant.

In print

Here are some of our favourite books on feminism and kyriarchy.

Whipping Girl by Julia Serano
Julia Serano is a biologist, performer, activist and trans woman. Drawing on her own experiences of being perceived as male, transitioning, and living as a woman, she explores the concepts of sex, gender and sexism in a way that is both highly readable and deeply insightful. If you enjoy Sally's standup you will certainly enjoy this.