About Lashings of Ginger Beer Time

Lashings of Ginger Beer Time began in 2008 as a Radical Queer Feminist Burlesque Collective. In this blog project, certain elements of our collective identity are being brought to the fore:

We are Radical because we believe that we need a revolutionary change in how we think about gender, sexuality, and other issues of human diversity.

We are Queer because we reject the idea that we should aspire to gender-conformity and the desire for a particular type of romantic/sexual relationship.

We are Feminist because we recognise that society has different expectations of men and women, and that these expectations damage people of all genders.

We are Intersectionalist because we see feminism as one of many areas in which we need to be radical, and we don’t think these issues can be disentangled from one another.

For more information about Lashings and our shows, please see http://www.lashings.org/

The Lashings Bloggers

Annalytica has been performing with Lashings of Ginger Beer Time since 2008. She writes mostly about feminism, bisexuality and mental health. She also likes to bake. [Annalytica no longer writes and performs for Lashings as of Autumn 2012, but you can find her at her amazing website Feminist Performers!]
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From the Lasher biographies: "Writes as well as she sings - check out Love Story, which always gets the audience blubbing! Carlotta is designated the "real world liaison officer" as she is the most able to cope outside our little bubble of sex & politics."
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From the Lasher biographies: "Cleopatra joined us when we were short one Dandini for our queer version of Cinderella. Her skill delivering Galatea's wine-puns made us all (beau)jealous, and now we couldn't live sans her. Cleopatra's venue-wrangling know-how makes our lives easier - and she can sing, too!"
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Combat boots and ballet shoes. Shaved legs and sharpened politics. Actor, dancer, writer of extremely rude songs, and occasional guest blogger when the space weasels aren't eating her brain.
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Genderqueer grey-asexual freegan feminist anti-capitalist, and translator of jargon (rates reasonable).
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Venus in ears. Dead kitten, elephant child, ashtray heart. Academic, critic, endlessly fascinated; reads, thinks, listens and talks far more than is good for her. Can't sing, can dance; ex-anorexic, ex-ME, excitable, heteroflexible, kinky, nosy; overanalytical, overaffectionate, overarticulate, oversensitive. Certainly overfond of the prefix ‘over’. Purveyor of uncomfortable truths. Writes about food, sex, culture and the body. Cares too much. Drinks too much tea. Needs more sleep.
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Dancer and eco-geek. Queer, feminist and Christian. Seeks fully inclusive collaboration to Save the World. Likes cats.
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I'm a 2nd year Philosophy and Theology student who bakes, sews, makes chainmail, jewellery and procrastinates more than she should. Oh, and I'm asexual. Yeah, I should probably mention that, seeing as it's why I'm here...
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kaberett is a sex educator and amateur musician, who pretends to be a baby geologist in their spare time. Helpful labels include trans* and crip; current areas of nerdery include All Things Fannish, earlier diagnosis of endometriosis, and LGBT+ libraries.
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From the Lasher biographies: "First a fan, then a Lasher, Lilka is the perfect embodiment of "Don't Dream It, Be It". Writing and singing with a tremendous strength and power, we are all very happy that she has chosen to live the dream with us!"
Sex/gender nerd with a penchant for period clothing. Frequently quite angry. AFABulous gendernaut. Likely to write about cultural production, normativity, sexuality, and trans politics.
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Sally Outen
A member of Lashings of Ginger Beer Time since 2009, Sally continues to develop her material as a transfeminist stand-up. She intends to use her blog posts to elaborate upon the ideas she covers in her routine, and to consider recurrent themes within intersectionalist theory.
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Sasha Rocket
Less of a badass who fights the kyriachy, more of an ass who subtly annoys the kyriachy. See posts by Sasha Rocket

I'm a goth and I'm happy
I'm an atheist and kind
I'm a leather-clad vegetarian
I'm fat and I'm gorgeous
I'm a geek with good social skills
I'm a radical queer librarian!

I'm a burlesque performer from Oxford, UK, with a passionate commitment to social justice. My primary goal when working with Lashings of Ginger Beer has always been to provide a fully inclusive safe space, and in order to pursue this goal I need to keep constantly educating myself. I'm hoping that writing for the Lashings of Ginger Beer Time Blog will help with this process.

Sebastienne became the accidental founding member of Lashings of Ginger Beer Time after realising that the Cole Porter song she'd reworked for another troupe - "You're the Top" - was the first time some members of the audience had ever heard a submissive voice expressing sexual agency.
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Theodor Bishop
I'm an amateur pianist with social anxiety; I like to blog but I have pretty bad RSI; Catholic background and education, but largely a non-believer. Culturally complicated: I enjoy black metal, classical music, difficult-to-read philosophy and weight training. As you can tell I surround myself in challenges, it's easier imposing it on yourself than when its not by choice. I'm very excited to be involved with Lashings and to have a part in advancing the conversation on feminism and intersectional concerns. Despite my name I'm also not a time traveller from a dystopian future, helpful android or critical theorist. Well, maybe I'm one of those three.
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Valentina is a brand-new Lasher, and very excited to be here. She's a queer, non-monogamous, switchy sex geek, and she spends a lot of time writing about alternative sexualities, running poly events and advising friends on good sex toys.
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This is just a placeholder - I haven't written about myself yet!
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Lashings of Ginger Beer Time
We use this for posts which are not directly linked to any individual in the group, and may have been put together by a number of us. For example, links round-ups and information about externally organised events are posted by Lashings of Ginger Beer Time.
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