Tuesday 24 May 2011

Links roundup

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Welcome to the weekly Lashings links round up! Feel free to add your own links in the comments, with a brief description and trigger warnings if appropriate.

Oxford Save Our Services are protesting against NHS reforms in Cornmarket on Saturday 28th May

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that gendered words in job adverts may influence the gender balance of applicants.

Athene Donald, one of the winners of the UKRC's Women of Outstanding Achievement Awards, discusses the impact of displaying portraits of outstanding women within science, engineering and technology. The portraits are displayed on the Guardian website

[TW for discussion of rape]

Thomas from YES MEANS YES discusses conversation analysis, and debunks the myth that rape victims are 'misunderstood' by their attackers and/or are to be blamed for 'not saying "no" forcefully enough'. He cites studies that have examined the fact that English speakers in general are socialised to say 'no' in indirect or 'polite' ways, and that both men and women understand this as a social convention -- but also that women in particular are socially penalised for expressing a direct 'no':

That means that they are “communicating in ways which are usually understood to mean refusal in other contexts and it is not the adequacy of their communication that should be questioned, but rather their male partners’ claims not to understand[.]”

Feminist Frequency's series Tropes vs. Women examines the trope of the Evil Demon Seductress

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