Tuesday 14 February 2012

Links round up

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From Shakesville: Why I'm Pro-Choice, and My Boyfriend Is Too. Guest blogger BrianWS very cleverly links the ways in which anti-choice ideology demonstrates a wider lack of respect for bodily autonomy in all areas of life:

I will never need an abortion. It's a fact of my life as a cis gay man in a relationship with another cis gay man, but being fervently pro-choice is very important to me, and it's also very important to me that I found a partner who shares that belief.

Not strictly feminist, but eee, Hipster Disney Princesses and more Hipster Disney Princesses. I think Hipster!Cinderella is weirdly reminiscent of Ella Scratcher of Lashings pantomime fame..

Jane Fae writes in the Guardian about a trans man giving birth. Steer clear of the comments.

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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/feb/14/claude-cahun-finding-great

    Review of Claude Cahun in the Guardian - the author slightly patronisingly refers to them as an old cat lady (they and their partner were female bodied and had a cat together, so, ya know).

    More importantly, Cahun was an incredible photographer, genderfucker supreme, awesome writer, and surrealist activist (by which I mean Cahun and Moore undermined the Nazi occupiers in Jersey via the medium of poetry, very successfully). Unfortunately they were caught and sent to concentration camps, but survived the war and went on to make further art together. Unfortunately, this time in the camps destroyed Cahun's health, and they died in 1954.