Tuesday 6 March 2012

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Lashings of Ginger Beer
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 Lucy Liu to play (Jane?) Watson in new US TV adaptation of 'Sherlock Holmes'! Hooray! Possibility that the gender-switch is because CBS is afraid of running a show with gay subtext... boo? Internet fanboys commence with the inevitable sexist and racist put-downs of Liu (TW for the obvious)... BOO! (Bonus fun game: Count the number of comments on that last link that begin with 'I'm not racist/sexist, but...')

China Miéville brings ALL OF THE RIGHTNESS on 'Tintin au Congo' and the racism therein:
It is [upsetting] to have to point out, yet again, that there is a distinction between having the legal right to say something & having the moral right not to be held accountable for what you say. Being asked to apologise for saying something unconscionable is not the same as being stripped of the legal right to say it. It’s really not very fucking complicated. Cry Free Speech in such contexts, you are demanding the right to speak any bilge you wish without apology or fear of comeback. You are demanding not legal rights but an end to debate about & criticism of what you say. When did bigotry get so needy?
EMBODIMENT: A Portrait of Queer Life in America is a beautiful set of photographs and stories profiling various members of various queer communities throughout the USA. It will make you feel warm and happy and It-Gets-Better-ish.
This is an image of Cooper, 2009, Oakland CA from this entry in the EMBODIMENT archives.

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