Tuesday 24 April 2012

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Lashings of Ginger Beer
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Matthew Ingman (of The Oatmeal comics, some of which are NSFW/not failproof) says something stupid and privileged about a topic he knows nothing about. Fans call him out on it. Matthew Ingman says "That was stupid and privileged and I didn't know what I was talking about." And donates $1000 to an anti-domestic-violence organisation. Owning yr privilege and not being a twerp about it: yr doing it right.

At Perils of Divorced Pauline, a meditation on Ann Romney, economic privilege and the so-called Mommy Wars:
I’ll be honest: I often miss my former life. I don’t miss the guilt I had, having so much when others had so little, but I do miss the absence of stress. The kind of stress that comes from lack of choice. And that is what Hilary Rosen was talking about. When you don’t have to worry about money ever, and you can afford to buy your way out of most problems, being a SAHM, even to five boys, is easier than being a mom who does have to worry about making ends meet, and who can’t buy her way out of most problems, Whether or not she stays at home.Or in Ann Romney’s case, stays at homes.

Bang-on analysis from Jonny's Opium Den on the popularity of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic among the young-adult set:
Let me explain. Unlike a lot of kids TV, the central characters of MLP:FiM (or the “Mane 6″) are not children... No, the focus is on six young adult ponies fundamentally trying to find their place in the world and, often, to come to terms with balancing their own childish desires with the need to be mature and responsible... Not only that, but the core message about friendship rings just as true with us as it does with any child, maybe more so.

Interesting discussion of the demands we put on allies in anti-oppression movements

Christians turn up to the Chicago Gay Pride Parade holding signs saying 'I'm sorry for how the church has treated you'. Hugs ensue.

Some perspectives on feminism and misogyny in poly communities (triggering for rape culture):
Feminist non-monogamy? at Love is Infinite
Is non-monogamy feminist? at Silicone Valley

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