Tuesday 19 June 2012

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Lashings of Ginger Bee Timer
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[TW for gender essentialism, bullying, fatphobia]: Matt Cornell talks about his experiences of school bullying and gynecomastia: My moobs and me: Growing up with gynecomastia. Some unusually sharp insight for the Guardian, including:
When my bully grabbed my breasts and called me "Tits", he was taking what he wanted. He was also reminding me that I was no better than a girl. I was beneath him.

New blog Boldly Go discusses androgyny: ">what I see reflected back onto me are thin people. White people. And a standard of androgyny that entirely depends upon a binary concept of gender ...if society classes you as female, you have to abandon all femininity to be andro enough."

Future film Dear White People, which "follows the events leading up to a race riot [at] a prestigious predominately white university through the perspectives of four very different Black students", raised its funding target through crowdsourcing in just three days. We're really looking forward to seeing it!

The Fattylimptics is "a non-profit community event ... featuring fat activism, games, performances, stalls and other DIY activities" - it's in London on the 7th July, and events include rolling down a hill together and spitting on the BMI.

And lastly, Lashings are descending upon Cambridge this Wednesday, 20th June, to share a stage with the likes of CN Lester, Ross Higman, Sally Outen and many more in a cabaret extravaganza of music, comedy and poetry, raising money for the Harry Harris LGBT+ Library.

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