Tuesday 7 August 2012

Links round-up: Special Alt.Sex.Ed edition #1!

Lashings of Ginger Bee Timer
Posted by Lashings of Ginger Beer Time

Special Sex Ed edition #1!

Lashings is at the Fringe from now until August 17th! First - and shamelessly - if you haven't checked out this lovely interview/profile of Lashings from Last Year's Girl, now's the time!
Having done our best to avoid spoilers during our conversation, later that night at the Bongo Club I turn into one of those obnoxious spectators down the front who thinks she’s in the show herself. I laugh, I cry, I sing along when I can; I shudder as performance poet Sally Outen recalls how she learned about sex accompanied by disturbingly graphic readings from a children’s book supposedly about cute, cuddly moles. If you go along and manage not to, well, you’d have to have a heart of stone.

From Positive Juice, a (probably NSFW) post on "The nitty-gritty of using condoms: a conversation we don’t have nearly often enough".

Reprinted from "Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape", Heather Corinna's An Immodest Proposal at Scarleteen remains a revolutionary call to arms on the subject of normative sexual narratives and enthusiastic consent. (Scarleteen are currently having a fundraising drive - please consider donating!)

Lashings' own Goblin on sex, music, misogyny, hope, and desire.

Awesome photo project about transmasculinity at thetestshot.tumblr.com/

Exciting news from TransActivist: as Scotland hands unprecedented power to trans patients, England's draft protocol for gender dysphoria comes under analysis.

Uzbek: "the penguin of Turkic languages"  is relevant because of our current obsession with penguins.

LGBT histories of video games - a number of different angles!

Harrods have made history by opening their first gender-neutral toy department!

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