Wednesday 12 September 2012

Links round-up

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Gender expression is not gender identity: trans* people do not fit your stereotypes, so maybe it's time to ditch them. (Content note: some pushing of the standard narrative.)

Disabled? Trans? Pregnant? Here's a guide to airport security for those with different/additional needs: a UK-centric run-down of regulations, accommodations and rights for people travelling by air.

The Genderplayful Marketplace is live! More vendors means more variety, though...

My Dysfunctional Guided Journal, just one glorious item in a range that kaberett now covets EVERY SINGLE ONE OF.

A photo-essay on the Paralympics by John Hockenberry, author of Moving Violations and internationally-praised journalist.

Clare Balding on equality in sport in the wake of the Olympics and Paralympics 2012.

Interesting opinion piece in SoSoGay about polygamy vs monogamy.

Excellent piece in the Huffington Post on why the slut-shaming of Kristen Stewart matters.

Google improves maternity leave, post-partum attrition drops. Absolute shocker, that. :P

A blog post on the planned cuts to the NHS. This was a distressing read.

And this one's from 2010, but Cleopatra spent a good hour thinking it was recent and was very excited. Ah, well. Did you know Chris Brown was once denied entry to the UK? On the grounds of committing a serious offence, no less. I'm glad we thought it as much at some point, anyway.

Queer Libido writes an interesting critique of dominant narratives of sex-positivity. (Content note: despite being about 'subaltern bodies', there's no discussion of how this relates to trans* or disabled embodiment or sexuality.)

This personal response to The Big Bang Theory captures very well how some of us feel about the show (as our sketch about it shows!). And while we're on sexism in geek culture, check out (and add to!) this wiki entry at Geek Feminism.

Breaking news: former Met officer admits failing to investigate rape cases. Is it any surprise that 'why didn't you call the police?' rings so hollow? And it's not just the police - Tough Tea calls out the rape-apologism even within feminist communities in a heartfelt post.

This amazing animated video by Rosa Middleton about what it means to be queer has been making Orlando smile all day.

Beloved Lash-friend CN Lester is raising money for the hospice which nursed their brother through terminal cancer, and facing their intense acrophobia - consider donating here!

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