Tuesday 12 March 2013

Links Round-Up (12th March 2013)

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This week most of the items for the links round-up are going to focus on the fact that last week on Friday (March 8th) was International Women’s Day (IWD).

Dr. Brooke Magnanti discusses IWD including a bit on its socialist origin and the cynicism about awareness days such as these.

[TW: objectification] TED Talk on the ways in which sexual objectification of women has had a distinct presence in advertising. The speaker, Dr. Caroline Heldman objects to the idea of ‘empowerment’. The first part of it is quite disturbing, but at the end of the video, Heldman gives suggestions to women and men on how to challenge this cultural trend.

Isadora and Orlando love Spectra's piece on how concepts of sisterhood, solidarity and celebrating women are too often exclusive.

Here’s a nice piece on ‘Anita’s Quilt’, an initiative to represent the experiences of women in working in computing and inspire more women who are interested in working in computer science and engineering.

Tabasum Wolayat on the F-Word speaks out against the stereotyping against Afghan women and being labelled by outside agencies. 

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