Tuesday 21 May 2013

Linkspam: vintage photos, the value of diversity, and SCIENCE

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Here's something to cheer us up: vintage photos of queer couples (no captions; sorry).

Liv has written up notes from a talk on the political context of current health reforms.

George Takei continues his fabulous self with these glorious responses to statements by fans of different-sex marriage [content note: heterosexism].

Author Elizabeth Conall has put together a spreadsheet for randomly generating demographically diverse minor characters!

From the Geek Feminism blog: Structure and Justice: a really valuable post on why ideals of 'structurelessness' and 'authenticity' in the workplace may not work for people who are LGBTQ+, disabled or neurodiverse:
If you are queer, or trans, or have mental illness, or all of the above, you probably know something about the perils of presenting yourself as you really are. Dan-Savage-style coming-out narratives notwithstanding, many of us who are placed socially in these ways find that we cannot be completely authentic in all aspects of our lives. I definitely want to express myself, but I have to balance that against other needs, like being able to make a living in a capitalist society... In my opinion, it takes a lot of privilege to assume either that greater authenticity leads to greater happiness, or that the only reason you would leave who you are at the door when you step or roll into work is the formal, organizational structure of the place where you work.
In "young women of colour doing amazing science" news, this week we bring you 18-year-old Eesha Khare, who's invented a new kind of battery - that takes less than a minute to charge, lasts ten times as long as traditional batteries, will fit inside mobile phones, and is flexible enough to be incorporated in roll-up displays. Yes, please!

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