Tuesday 22 October 2013


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Sorry for the hiatus, folk - it's been a busy month for lots of us. To make up for it, here's a bumper edition of all the links we've been saving up...

It's the start of term, and mixosaurus has written a fantastic guide on accessing mental health support as a student.

Labour has promised that if they are elected in 2015 they'll create a new offence of disability hate crime - and they've promised to sack Atos from carrying out Work Capability Assessments, a deeply flawed test to establish whether people are too ill to work.

[Content note: addiction] Revisiting a landmark establishment on addictive behaviour in rats shows it's not the morphine, it's the size of the cage - with serious implications for "wars on drugs" and medical gatekeeping surrounding "addictive" substances.

Also in science-and-animals news, tumblr wants you to have a review of non-reproductive and apparently-homosexual sex among animals. Fascinating but sweary! [Content note: rape.]

In the trans news corner, we've got:
Conference organisers various have been awful, including a staggeringly misogynistic sceptical "major science talk", and some difficult community conversations about Science Online [content note: sexual harassment, abuse of power].

In the arts, The Belle Jar wrote an open letter to David Gilmour; Bad Reputation is fed up with the salacious fascination with Jack the Ripper; and Sondheim is working on a revised, queerer version of the 1970 musical Company!

In awesome geek ladies news, Miss America holds a degree in Brain Behaviour and is a Star Wars cosplayer... and this doesn't seem to have been celebrated anywhere, because of the overwhelming interest in being staggeringly racist about her. Related reading at Sociological Images.

Raisa Kabir has written a solid article at the f-word about the horrible tack discourse in the UK is currently taking with respect to veiling.

And finally for this bumper edition, have some cheerful science stuff:


  1. Thanks for the link to Open Minded Health! Trans 101 is a work in progress so I always welcome feedback.

  2. There's a lovely webcomic about Rat Park for those interested in reading more: