Friday 18 July 2014

Links round-up: leadership for the introverted, healing as collective, and the East Oxford Community Centre

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First up, from the publishing industry: the reason every book about Africa has the same cover (it's not pretty).

kaberett read 10 Words Every Girl Should Learn [content note: sexism] and recalled, with fondness, the student union executive meeting where they roared "you WILL let me finish my sentence!" at the white gay cis dude who'd just interrupted them with an extremely smug and extremely incorrect statement.

At a conference a few weeks ago, Frances Hocutt gave a talk entitled Why are these people following me? Leadership for the introverted, uncertain and astonished - and it is amazing (video and transcript at the link).

Meanwhile, there's been a lot of discussion about trigger warnings/content notes over the past few weeks: we'd like to point you at an article that goes beyond the pros and cons to instead discuss healing and activism and imperfection as collective rather than individual endeavours. Relatedly: an excellent comic about trigger warning breakfast [content note: discusses rape, rape culture, victim-blaming].

Up at is an excellent article on the ways in which Nonviolent Communication can constitute emotional violence.

In disturbing NHS news, the Home Office is accessing NHS records to "help track down illegal immigrants" and migrants are to be charged 150% of the cost to the NHS of their treatment.

Finally, the East Oxford Community Centre - in many ways the spiritual home of Lashings and the physical home of fantastic endeavour Quiltbag Cabaret - is at risk of being taken over (from the Community Association in whose care it's been for years) by Oxford City Council, who own the building; there are concerns that the intention is to sell off some of the site to developers. There's a petition requesting that OCC allow this space to continue as a space for any by the residents of East Oxford -- please do consider signing.

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