Saturday 26 February 2011

Wanted: Bisexual-identified women to participate in research

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Sarah Robinson at Huddersfield University is researching bisexual women's identities and is looking for research participants. She says:

Overall, the research aims to develop our understanding of women who define their sexuality as ‘bisexual’. More specifically it aims to:

1 Explore the ways in which bisexual women narrate their identity in the 21st Century.

2 Explore the extent to which bisexual women experience ‘biphobia’ or discrimination.

3 Explore how identifying as a bisexual woman impacts on her lived experience.

I am looking also at how women maintain their bisexual identity when engaged in a monogamous relationship. The women I require don’t necessarily have to be in a monogamous relationship – just be able to speak about the difficulties/or not associated with it.

Participants will be asked to keep a diary for four weeks. They will be asked to include details of specific events that they feel are related to some aspect of their sexual identity. This will be the first stage in developing an understanding of the everyday lives of the participants.

Following on from this I hope to conduct an interview which will seek to explore any issues that may have arisen out of the participants’ diaries.

Following the life story interview participants will be supplied with a disposable camera and asked to take photographs of people, places and objects that are meaningful in relation to their sexual identity. Participants will be requested to take at least 12 photographs within a week of receiving the camera. They will be supplied with a stamp addressed envelope to return the camera after they have completed the task. When the photographs have been developed the participants will take part in a photo-assisted interview.

If you are interested please email Sarah at s.robinson at

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