Tuesday 7 June 2011

Links roundup

Lashings of Ginger BeerPosted by Lashings of Ginger Beer

Welcome to the weekly Lashings links round up! Feel free to add your own links in the comments, with a brief description and trigger warnings if appropriate.

Really thought-provoking post about racism and white privilege in feminist organisations. Like the song says, we know our class and ethnic make-up needs more diversity - but what are we doing about it?

Bird of Paradox on the proposed inclusion of "Transvestic Disorder" as a diagnostic category for the 5th Edition of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. There is a petition to remove this category, which "needlessly stigmatizes people who engage in harmless gender-diverse behavior".

Material Woman, the first episode of A Show of Our Own, a new weekly podcast "by, for, and about women, and the issues that affect our lives". The inaugural episode considers "the impact of resources on women’s lives: money, time, a sense of self, or knowledge. Are some of these resources more important than others? How does a lack of knowledge, money, time, and self, affect women as individuals, and as a class?"

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