Tuesday 10 July 2012

Links round-up

Lashings of Ginger Bee Timer
Posted by Lashings of Ginger Beer Time

Asaf Einy for Israel's FOD magazine creates a photoshoot featuring men with femme-coded hairstyles. It's gorgeous.

[image description: a young, thin white man sits on a stool wearing a pair of white trunk-style undershorts 
and a grey hooded sweatshirt.  His dark hair is backcombed into a 1960s-style beehive with a flowing fringe]

Busty Girl Comics! Artist Rampaige discusses the joys and nusiances associated with being in possession of breasts that occasionally get in the owner's way. She also explicitly states that her comics are for everyone, whether they identify as busty, as girls, or otherwise.

Over in fandom, lightgetsin has written an essay entitled Do I Do It For You? Service Kink & Disability - a thoughtful discussion about how to negotiate the intimacy and power of service relationships, regardless of whether they're romantic, and how these relationships often appear to casual observors.

[CN: Misogyny, harassment, violence] The latest re: Anita Sarkeesian: one particular harasser has now made an online game where people can virtually punch Sarkeesian in the face. An in-depth discussion with extracts from the misogynist twerp game-creator's Twitter feed is here.

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