Tuesday 24 July 2012

Links round up

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A wonderful profile of Bikers Against Child Abuse, a group who donate their time, money and emotional resources to helping children feel safe [CN: article discusses child abuse, rape, traumatic court procedures].

Jenn Frank talks about her experiences with exceptionalism and internalised misogyny [CN: misogyny, self-hatred]: I Was A Teenage Sexist:
My best college friend used to make this joke: “I’m as good as white, good as white.” He was South Asian but from the ‘burbs; I knew his joke made me uncomfortable, but I could never pinpoint why. For my own part, I’d internally subscribed to a similar mantra: “I’m just as good as a man, as good as a man.” Feminists? Ugh. Please. What insufferable people. How about battered husbands? What of fathers’ rights? Or feeding and sheltering the poor? Come on. Invent a real social cause, already.
Another one for all the Sci-Fi Skit fans out there (even though this particular Skit has yet to be written!): Gender-swapped Avengers! (Also: who would vastly prefer to read the Marvel universe where Natalia Romanova/Black Widow is going out with Antonia Stark/Iron Woman? WE WOULD!)

Being a flake: Living with a fluctuating condition

The commentary on this doesn't quite have its facts straight (most women didn't have jobs before the 1940s? Pshaw!), but the pictures are well worth a look: Did Your Grandma Assemble a WWII Bomber? Gorgeous colour photos of women in the workforce during the 1940s from the US Library of Congress.

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