Tuesday 6 November 2012

Links round-up

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Give Sexy Actors Sexy Wheelchairs: one awesome meta-essay (image-heavy, with some video) on the ways in which Hollywood representations of wheelchair use are terribly, terribly wrong, and some advice on how they can be better.

Street Harrassment Fashion (TW for harrassment!) is a new tumblr that's been set up, where people document what they were wearing - and what harrassers said or did to them.

A conversation on Google+ between hearing people about ASL and BSL as methods of communication includes this fantastic anecdote: ... I did a scuba course once, and one of my instructors told me that he had once taken a group of deaf children down. He had never felt so inadequate in his life, he said. Standard scuba sign language could say 'go up', 'go down', 'I am running out of air'. They could say 'look at that fish over there, no not that one, the red one'. The Atlantic has a more detailed explanation of exactly what Lydia Callis' "animated" translation into ASL (which started this whole conversation off!) means.

In New York City, the Ali Forney Drop-in Centre, which provides housing for homeless LGBT+ youth, was completely destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. They are requesting donations to help them get back up and running as quickly as possible. Less specifically, the Red Cross is holding an appeal which actually mentions Sandy's effects in the Caribbean.

In response to some truly astonishing fail on the part of the BBC, The Women's Room has been set up as a database of women with experience and expertise. The excuse that it's "too hard" to find female experts is old, tired and sorry, and we all know that, but once again it seems to fall to the oppressed group to do the hard work. It will be "interesting" to watch resistance to use of this resource...

littlebutfierce brings us a linkspam all about self-care, from looking at self-care as a vital part of activism to suggestions for ways to do it.

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