Tuesday 13 November 2012

Links round-up

Lashings of Ginger Bee TimerPosted by Lashings of Ginger Beer Time

A TV series about a trans dude's experiences of life has been greenlit. The press release itself is kind of skeevy, but given that the producer is also responsible for Transgeneration we have tentative hopes.

"mental illness is a tower. or a well. or an island. or an ocean." A very short piece of writing on living with mental illness. [Content note: discusses death]

Forgiveness is a luxury, and some of us can't afford it. [Content note: references to abuse in many forms.]

"She knelt to the ground and she pulled out a ring..." Literally seconds after the passing of same-sex marriage in Maryland is announced on the night of the US election, couple Keesha Patterson and Rowan Ha provide the best-ever re-enactment of the Lashings version of 'Love Story'. All the <3s.

Kate Hart offers a series of infographics on the representation of non-white ethnicities on the covers of Young Adult fiction published in 2011 - which, surprise surprise, were white-dominated.

On a more positive note, Renee Watson discusses her new picture book "Harlem's Little Blackbird" - based on the forgotten story of singer Florence Mills, a daughter of former slaves who became an internationally-acclaimed performer during the 1920's.

With Remembrance Day just passed, the Secret Histories project reminds us that some are remembered more than others.

Fantasy artist/author Ursula Vernon - eternally beloved by Orlando for "Elf vs Orc" (and accompanying art) - offers up some thoughts on C. S. Lewis, the didactic narrative voice and the "problem of Susan" and follows it up with "Elegant and Fine" - a fanwork that shows the cracks and cruelty in Aslan's world.

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