Friday 22 February 2013

Friday Fives: Five Places You Can See Lashings In The Not-Too-Distant Future

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Happy Friday, dear readers, and welcome to the first of our new series of Friday Fives! (Fans of our longer Friday entries, fear not: we’re not dropping those, we’d just like to add more short-and-sweet posts into the mix.) So without further ado, enjoy our first very practical and informative Friday Five:

Five Places You Can See Lashings In The Not-Too-Distant Future

1. Colour Your World: Curtain Call (February 28th, Egham)
Royal Holloway’s Feminism Society and LGBT are running this event to conclude their LGBT History Month and kick off Women’s History Month, and invited us to come along! We’re looking forward to playing a fun and energetic set and then settling down to watch the rest of the acts and open mic performers. If you’re especially lucky, we might even break out some of our newest songs during the open mic sessions...

2. NUS Women’s Conference (March 5th, York)
We’re so excited to play NUS Women’s Conference! Many of us got our start in feminism through student activism, and we’re looking forward to attending the talks and workshops - and getting to play to a massive audience of engaged student feminists! (If you’re not already registered to attend then registration is now closed - but fear not, and scroll down...)

3. OxFem Festival (March 7th, Oxford)
As part of their celebration of International Women’s Day, Linacre College are hosting a fairytale-themed event, where the Oxford-based lifeforms among you can get your Lashings fix, at the same time as seeing a whole bunch of other feminist-type performers.

4. Queer, Feminist and Social Media Praxis (May 17th, Brighton)
As part of a day-long workshop that looks at the interactions between queer/feminist activism and digital media, Lashings will be not only performing but talking about some of the theory and process behind what we do. The workshop aims to be and open to people from a wide variety of backgrounds rather than just academics, and the whole day promises to be really interesting, so do come along if you’re able to!

5. Nine Worlds Geekfest (9-11th August, London)
Lashings will be performing a set as part of a queer cabaret during one of the evenings - and many of us will be doing other things at the convention too, like organising it or speaking at it... (Assuming it gets funded, that is - any further donations to the kickstarter would be super welcome!)

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