Tuesday 19 February 2013

Links round-up

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[TW: eating disorders]. Last week was Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Amy Masson at thethe F-Word writes on her feeling of tension between her commitment to feminism and her own ED.

A critical discussion on L. Humphrey’s sociological study ‘Tearoom Trade’, an infamous study on the behaviour of gay men in the 1960s which by today’s standards is highly unethical, but also very insightful. I [Bishop] think its important to look at studies like these on balance in terms of their historical context, as horrific as the method of the study looks today.

We love this Geekfeminism piece on challenging oversimplified appeals to ‘natural’/essentialist notions of gender. Lots of neat references, and also a challenge to the idea of the loaded language about the word ‘natural’.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ouch/2013/02/disability_sex_is_not_just_abo.html a piece pointing out the often ignored sexual desires and needs of disabled persons.

Here are some responses to the recent high-profile EVAW campaign One Billion Rising: Natalie Gyte questions the racial politics of the campaign, Spectra responds to Gyte with the argument that anti-racist allies need to engage with and challenge white saviourism rather than abandon campaigns which include it, and Talia Meer asks “what next?”

Geekfeminism again: Your Sexism Looks A Lot Like My Racism. ‘Privilege conceals from me the experiences of not-having-privilege.’ Check out the discussion of a cultural canon outside the western/white/male experience.

And finally, London-based LGBT mental health charity PACE have launched a new online service! There’s a fundraiser for PACE coming up on March 3rd, with films from Fox (of My Transsexual Summer) and Jason Barker, and music from Wild and CN Lester - maybe we’ll see you there?

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