Tuesday 25 March 2014

Linkspam - 25th March, 2014

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Aaaaand... it's officially spring in the Northern Hemisphere - the hares are haring around, the blossoms are blossoming, and the leaves are... reappearing. Huh.

So - links!

Trudy at Gradient Lair writes "10 Ways That White Feminist and White Anti-Racism Allies Are Abusive To Me In Social Media", with triggers for racist abuse.

On her blog Dances with Fat, Ragen Chastain writes on a recent piece of fatphobic and disablist fail from the International Congress on Obesity: "Ego Over Accessibility".

AFROPUNK contributor Jas offers a powerful personal story with "Gender and the In Between - a Genderqueer's Journey".

Paul Bernal deconstructs an insidious piece of political rhetoric, explaining why ""Hard working people" doesn't work for me...".

Our own Hel Gurney describes "Adventures in microaggressions: misogyny and ablism in public spaces", with reference to a spectrum of abuses including non-consensual physical contact, sexual comments, and misogynistic language.

In Get Bullish, jen Dzuira takes on some of the cosy assumptions of Personal Development gurus with "When "Life Hacking" is Really White Privilege", including mention of general racism and attacks on POCs.

So So Gay notes that Sophia Banks and CN Lester of the Trans Cabal have launched the Songs of Ourselves project "to celebrate the beauty, joy, pride and strength of trans people".

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