Tuesday 18 March 2014

Linkspam: Mary-Sues, Oxford's institutional racism, and Aether album launch

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Continuing with our catch-up of links we missed over the winter, we have another mix of ancient and modern, lovingly rescued from the thick sediment of the Interwebs....

Following on from the I, Too, Am Harvard campaign, there's now a similar project happening at Oxford - highlighting the othering incurred by students of colour at Britain's oldest university, and with associated triggers for racism.

Dreamwidth blogger kaz makes an important point about "Mary-Sues", turning the whole concept on its head to remind us of a sad truth.

The Ottawa Citizen has an article by Rakhi Ruparelia about our societal reluctance to talk about race, and the collective tendency of white people to pretend not to perceive racial difference. This is a good introduction to the issue within mainstream media.

Allie Shyer writes a thought-provoking Autostraddle piece on fatness and gender flatness, with much mention of internalised and societal fat stereotyping and misogyny, specifically within the writer's queer community. There is also some description of non-consensual physical closeness.

The Mental Health Recovery Archive presents the voices, experiences, and perspectives of four mental health service users, with triggers associated with mental health difficulties.

Mia McKenzie on Black Girl Dangerous lists 4 Ways to Push Back Against Your Privilege - a seriously important article.

And coming up imminently - this coming Saturday, in fact - is CN Lester's album launch for their much-anticipated disc, Aether.

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