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It's the Lashings of Ginger Beer Time Trivia Quiz!

Lashings of Ginger Bee Timer
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While we're running around pantomiming at the tops of our lungs this week (by the way, it's not too late to pick up your tickets for tonight and tomorrow night's shows!), we bring you the very first....  Lashings of Ginger Beer Time SUPER FUN TRIVIA QUIZ!

How well do you know your Lashings? Answer all our totally-serious-and-not-at-all-ridiculous questions and either send them to us or comment below -- the most correct answers will win... no prize at all, but lots of congratulations and imaginary glitter thrown at you. 

Answers will be published next week -- pencils up, and no cheating!

1. Which of the following cities has Lashings of Ginger Beer Time NOT yet performed in?
a) Dublin
b) Nottingham
c) Edinburgh
e) Cambridge
f) Durham
g) Brighton

2. In the Lashings version of Cinderella, the names of Ella’s awful step-siblings were:
a) George and Iain
b) Margaret and Dennis
c) Dave and Boris
d) Winston and Neville

3. The first Lasher to perform the role of ‘Mok Wan’ was:
a) Carlotta
b) Sebastienne
c) Annalytica
d) Lilka

4. The 2012 Lashings Edinburgh show was titled:
a) Sex Education: The Musical
b) Lashings of Sex Education
c) Alternative Sex Education
d) Lashings of Ginger Beer Time: The Sex Ed Show

5. Which of the following is NOT part of the Kink Scout Promise?
a) To respect my partner/s and myself
b) To accept all consenting sexualities
c) To never forget to close my timber hitches
d) To uphold the Kink Scout Law

6. Complete the line: “We lived our lives in subtext / Holding hands and doing spells...”
a) “Then Whedon hired new writers / Suddenly things went to hell”
b) “When our show moved its network / We could come out of our shell”
c) “But actually, we were totes doing lesbian sexytimes the whole time!”
d) “But if you knew the context / We think you could probably tell”

7. Which of the following is NOT a catchphrase used by Cinderella’s Snotty Step-Siblings?
a) Marvellous!
b) Literally!
c) Hilarious!
d) Totty!

8. What does ‘Vagina Dentata’ mean?
a) A discredited misogynist superstition about toothed vaginas
b) No penis for the rest of your days.
c) Our phallus-free philosophy.
d) All of the above.

9. Which of the following animals have been specifically mentioned in Lashings performances? Circle as many as apply.
a) Rats
b) Weasels
c) Golden retrievers
d) Cats
e) Marmosets
f) Moles
g) Velociraptors

10. List three figures from the Eurocentric Queer History Song.

11. List two books which have appeared on Lashings' Edinburgh posters.

12. Which of the following catchphrases has NOT been featured in the Sci-Fi Skits?
a) “Fuck you all, I’m off to Miss Cackle’s.”
b) “Pants, magic pants!”
c) “I am Loki, God of Tumblr.”
d) “Faithful, devoted and completely heterosexual boon companion.”
e) “You manipulative DEAD BASTARD!”
f) “America! Heck yeah!”
g) None of the above

13. What is Fanny Whittington’s birth name?
a) Inuendia Whittington
b) Francesca Whittington
c) Fiona Whittington
d) Tiffany Sparkletrousers
e) Geraldine Whittington the Third

14. What is the most-frequently-destroyed Lashings prop?
a) Chairs
b) Corset laces
c) Riding crops
d) Ginger beer bottles and cans

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