Tuesday, 4 June 2013


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Straight Allies, White Anti-Racists, Male Feminists (and Other Labels That Mean Nothing To Me).

There are currently huge protests ongoing in Turkey, with massive state violence in response - and very little of it is being reported in the international mainstream media. This is a blog post from someone involved [content notes: state violence, serious injury].

If you're in Oxford on Wednesday June 5th, why not check out the university's annual Pride Week lecture? This year, the title is 'Not There Yet: Oxford LGBT Life: Then and Now', and it will run from 5.30pm-7pm at the Natural History Museum on Parks Rd.

Geeky webcomics time: Nimona! A very weird but also completely adorable comic that reads a bit like a mash-up of the Tamora Pierce and Marvel universes: evil arch-villain Ballister Blackheart is saddled with Nimona, a wide-eyed, cheeky and horrifyingly powerful young apprentice who wants nothing more than to cause chaos and take over the world. Gets bonus points for depicting a variety of body types, none of which are used as lazy shorthand for their characters' personalities.

In cheerful news: Femme Flagging using creative nail-polish art! This is a thing that has caused at least one Lasher to double over with squee.

In  not-even-a-tiny-bit-cheerful news, we bring you a post on current memes circulated among people privileged enough to despise welfare, and a comprehensive takedown of their bullshit.

And in just plain cynical news, this tumblr post combines a bunch of Sinfest comics to bring you... PATRIARCHAL MOVIES IN FOUR PANELS! It's distressingly accurate, and either saddening or hilarious depending on how much sugar you've had today. 

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