Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Linkspam: ableism, activism, and sex ed

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There's been a lot going on in the world of the Science Fiction Writers of America this week, as relates to sexism. Jim Hines has a round-up of reactions and rebuttals to (tired, tedious) complaints of "censorship", and Seanan McGuire provides her perspective as a member of the SFWA.

Labour is calling for lessons on relationships - and consent - as part of the national curriculum.

[CONTENT NOTE: Steubenville rape case; rape culture] The individual who distributed the evidence key to convicting the Steubenville rapists has had hacking charges brought against him. If convicted, he faces more prison time than the rapists received. There's a petition requesting that the charges be dropped, and we think it's important that it get as many signatures as possible.

The Association of Women Prostitutes of Argentina, AMMAR, recently ran a striking ad campaign calling for legal protection and regulation of their work. (PS: AMMAR were 2010 winners of the Red Ribbon Award, which recognises community leadership and action on AIDS.)

Let's have yet another call-out of bullshit about "slacktivism", because we can never get too much intersectional feminism and this memo still doesn't seem to have reached everyone it needs to: "What are you doing except snarking on Twitter?": Ableism and activism.

What have you been reading?

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