Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Linkspam: libraries, accessibility, family

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In a post entitled Fitness and Accessibility, Fit, Feminist and (Almost) Fifty does an excellent job of - among other things - deconstructing the difference between accommodations and accessibility.

On a related theme, this week at Captain Awkward sees letter #487: I use a wheelchair, and people are condescending as fuck. It's great not only because of the scripts the Captain provides, but also because of the detailed, respectful conversation in comments about solidarity and education and how to do things better (content note: comments do include ableist language and internalised ableism - but also a lot of excellent examples of how to react to being called out on same).

Amal el-Mohtar writes brilliantly about the backlash she faces for calling for the expulsion of an SFWA member (content note: racism, misogyny; for context, please see last week's links round-up.)

An MA student from Sheffield is seeking information on secondary-school library services for LGBT pupils via a survey.  Aims of the research include exploring what members of the LGBT community think about the support and services offered to them by their secondary school library; exploring the views of secondary school librarians regarding provision of support and services for LGBT students; and establishing recommendations for how secondary school libraries can best support their LGBT students.

In the New Statesman, Paris Lees explains Why I won't be sending you a father's day card (content notes: abuse, bullying, heterosexism, cissexism) - for all of us who've been feeling alienated this weekend. Well done, us: we did a great job of bringing ourselves (and each other) up. <3

Ursula LeGuin writes, in The Diminished Thing, about the experiences of age and aging, and of others' reactions: it's fascinating stuff, and it's so very her.

The charity Signature is calling for British Sign Language to be introduced as a modern foreign language at GCSE level - and is working with exam regulators to put together a syllabus!

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