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Lashings Trivia Quiz Answers

Lashings of Ginger Bee Timer
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Well, the first run of Fanny Whittington is over and done with -- thank you so much to everyone who came along and made such wonderful audience members (and a special thanks to a certain performer's parents, who heckled the show gloriously and then took the cast out for drinks!).

Below the cut are the answers to the Lashings Trivia Quiz, so don't click through unless you've already answered all the questions -- we'll be back to your regular scheduled blog post next week!

Lashings Trivia Quiz Answers

1. Which of the following cities has Lashings of Ginger Beer Time NOT yet performed in?
f) Durham

2. In the Lashings version of Cinderella, the names of Ella’s awful step-siblings were:
c) Dave and Boris

3. The first Lasher to perform the role of ‘Mok Wan’ was:
a) Carlotta

4. The 2012 Lashings Edinburgh show was titled:
c) Alternative Sex Education

5. Which of the following is NOT part of the Kink Scout Promise?
c) To never forget to close my timber hitches

6. Complete the line: “We lived our lives in subtext / Holding hands and doing spells...”
d) “But if you knew the context / We think you could probably tell”

7. Which of the following is NOT a catchphrase used by Cinderella’s Snotty Step-Siblings?
a) Marvellous!

8. What does ‘Vagina Dentata’ mean?
d) All of the above.

9. Which of the following animals have been specifically mentioned in Lashings performances? Circle as many as apply.
a) Rats
b) Weasels
d) Cats
f) Moles
g) Velociraptors

10. List three figures from the Eurocentric Queer History Song.
We would accept any three of:

Gaius Valerius Catullus: Bisexual Roman poet, c.84BC - c.58BC
Nisus and Euryalis: Two male characters in Virgil’s Aeneid (c.29BC - 19 BC) who are lovers
Aelred of Rievaulx: Cistercian abbot, 1110-1157. Wrote of his romantic (not sexual!) feelings for other monks.
Christine de Pisan: Poet and scholar, 1363-c.1430
John / Eleanor Rykener: Arrested and interrogated for being a sex worker in 1395. Assigned male, but switched between presenting as male and female while working.
Piers Gaveston, c.1284 - 1312: Possible lover of Edward II?
King Edward II, 1284 - 1327: Possible lover of Piers Gaveston?
Anastasius Beuerlein: Soldier and weaver, assigned female at birth, lived as male, executed for 'female sodomy' in Prussia, 1721
Abbess Benedetta Carlini, 1591–1661
Walt Whitman, poet, 1819 – 1892
Lord George Gordon Byron, poet, 1788 – 1824
Margaret 'Mother' Clap, died 1726, owner of a known 'molly house' or gay tavern in London
Oscar Wilde, poet, 1854 - 1900
Astolphe-Louis-Léonor, Marquis de Custine, 1790-1857
Alan Turing, mathematician and computer scientist, 1912 - 1954
Alfred Kinsey, biologist and social scientist, 1894 - 1956
Radclyffe Hall, poet and author, 1880 - 1943

11. List two books which have appeared on Lashings' Edinburgh posters.
Gender Trouble, Judith Butler (2010 poster)
My Gender Workbook, Kate Bornstein (2012 poster)

12. Which of the following catchphrases has NOT been featured in the Sci-Fi Skits?
b) “Pants, magic pants!” 
[Note: This was in fact originally intended for a Skit that was to be based around Labyrinth, but we eventually decided that the film gives too much thought and agency to its main character to deserve the Sci-Fi Skits treatment. Which is a pity, because I think a significant proportion of Lashings fans would pay up to £12.50 to see an hour of Sebastienne dancing around doing her David Bowie impersonation and singing about pants.]

13. What is Fanny Whittington’s birth name?
b) Francesca Whittington

14. What is the most-frequently-destroyed Lashings prop?
c) Riding crops
[Note: We've been through somewhere between eight and twelve of them in the past four-and-a-half years. This video [NSFW, link is to video] actually captures one breaking onstage, although it's a little hard to tell. RIP Sting, Jeremy, Awful Ann Summers Riding Crop and Mr Tickles. :( ]

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