Tuesday 24 January 2012

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A Game of Thrones might be problematic in all sorts of ways, but this is rather awesome... actor Peter Dinklage speaks out against abuse of people with dwarfism at the Golden Globe Awards.

Under Duress: Agency, Power and Consent: an excellent and very finely-nuanced post on the uses and problems of understanding consent as a binary:
ETA: You can also now read Part 2 of the post at A Radical TransFeminist's site.

From the Hairpin: Alice Duer Miller, Are Women People? -- suffragist poetry from 1915.  An example:

Our Idea of Nothing at All 
("I am opposed to woman suffrage, but I am not opposed to woman."—Anti-suffrage speech of Mr. Webb of North Carolina.)
O women, have you heard the news
Of charity and grace?
Look, look, how joy and gratitude
Are beaming in my face!
For Mr. Webb is not opposed
To woman in her place! 
O Mr. Webb, how kind you are
To let us live at all,
To let us light the kitchen range
And tidy up the hall;
To tolerate the female sex
In spite of Adam's fall. 
O girls, suppose that Mr. Webb
Should alter his decree!
Suppose he were opposed to us—
Opposed to you and me.
What would be left for us to do—
Except to cease to be?
Miller would so have been a Lasher.


  1. Thank you for the link, again. :) I just wanted to comment to say that the second part of Under Duress is now uploaded. It's all fairly triggery stuff but hopefully helpful to some folks!

    1. @Lisa -- Thanks so much for this! Have updated link to reflect Part II. It's an excellent article, thank you for writing it.