Tuesday 31 January 2012

Links round up

Another Angry Woman on the links between anarchism and BDSM
"Often anarchist organisation delegates responsibility for certain tasks to voluntary working groups or meeting facilitators. Any social power given is strictly limited (e.g. to organising certain activities), and is subject to withdrawal at any time by the will of participants, a democratic version of screaming out the name of a fruit when the beating goes beyond one’s limits. Crucial to both anarchist and BDSM circles is the attempt to ensure that such hierarchies, established because they’re either practical or fun, are fluid, properly scrutinised, organised consensually and explicitly temporary."

Article on polyamory in the Guardian. Fearlessknits describes their own poly family, in response to allegations that Newt Gingrich asked his ex-wife for an open marriage.
"Had Newt Gingrich followed these principles and talked about his needs and desires, he might have negotiated with his wife to open up his marriage and pursued an interesting friendship. As it is, he appears to have asked to keep a clandestine, non-consensual relationship that he had already started. Who knows, maybe, if he had talked first, then instead of dealing with a media storm, he could have been coming home to both the women he loved."

Cis-sexism and Transphobia in the bi community, by bisexual genderqueer feminist Shiri Eisner.

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