Wednesday 10 October 2012

Links round-up

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[TW for discussion of sexual assault.] The story behind 'The Kissing Sailor', AKA 'The Blindness of Rape Culture'.

Over at The Pervocracy there's been a discussion about The Worst Thing In The World and the amount of power fear of it has over us. [Content notes: discusses abuse, including threats of self-harm and suicide]

One Angry Panda's post Beyond "kinky" and "vanilla" [content notes: discusses kink, dysphoria, sexual assault] talks about rethinking our models of sex - not so that kink is treated as casually as penis-in-vagina intercourse sometimes is, but so that PIV is treated as seriously as kink, in terms of the importance of enthusiastic consent and not making assumptions about what your partner(s) will be into. "... having things inserted into you is a big deal. Putting bits of yourself into another person is also a big deal. Having any part of you touched is a fucking big deal."

kaberett notes in passing & with great excitement that the Cambridge ADC Theatre does access info right: The ADC Theatre is fully accessible to wheelchairs, including backstage areas. A disabled toilet is located on the ground floor, and disabled parking is available in the [nearby multistorey carpark]. Please take note, everywhere else!

"Your women are oppressed, but ours are awesome": how Nikolas Kristof and Half The Sky use women against each other at Racialicious: a look at ways in which misogyny feeds into racism, and all things are intersectional. (This, right here? This is a glib 2am summary. Go read the post instead.)

Revisiting Theresa May's changes to immigration policy back in July, a young academic who has both a job and a married UK-citizen partner is now being denied a visa because the UKBA deems that the couple do not earn enough. This policy -- which states that a couple must earn more than £18,600 per annum to qualify for a married or civil-partner visa -- particularly discriminates against couples where one or both members is in low-paid employment (such as nursing, academia, the creative professions...), has childcare responsibilities, or has a disability that prevents them from taking highly-paid full-time work. It's also really problematic for those in long-term poly relationships. The right for a couple to live together in the same country should NOT be determined by income -- courtesy of the awesome Jenny and Georgia, here are some resources you can use to tell your MPs so!

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