Wednesday 24 October 2012

Taster session reminders

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A couple of weeks ago we made a post mentioning that we're looking for people who are interested in joining our group.

We've now finalised the details for the venues.

Oxford - West Oxford Community Centre. It's around 0.6 miles from Oxford bus station, and 0.3 miles from Oxford train station. The room we're using (Seminar Room One - round to the right as you approach the centre) has flat access all the way in. The only potential access issue we're aware of is that you need to go outside and in through another door to reach the toilets; but please get in touch if you have any other access concerns. The room has automatic lock, so if it is closed just knock to be let in.

London - from 7pm in a venue in north-west London, near Queens' Park. The venue is free, there are gender-neutral toilets, tea will be provided and there's step-free access. There's a tube and train station with step-free access ten minutes away, and a bus stop five minutes away. We'll send full details to proto-Lashers who email and tell us they're coming to the London session.

Cambridge - Meeting in Caffè Nero on Market Street between 11am and 12pm, before travelling to the nearby venue together. (We can't put the venue details online, but it's close and has step-free access). kaberett will be downstairs in a blue wheelchair with a blue toy penguin on the table for identification.

Please remember to email us on if you're planning on coming to one of these sessions, and to bring a two-minute rant (on any topic) if that's your thing.

Oxford taster session
Saturday 27 October, 2.15pm
West Oxford Community Centre
(enter through metal gates at the right-hand-side of the centre)

London taster session
Monday 29 October, evening
7pm in north-west London, near Queens' Park

Cambridge taster session
Saturday 3 November, 12pm (meeting from 11am)
Caffè Nero on Market Street (actual session elsewhere)

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  1. We'll be giving out my phone number and e-mail address when you e-mail in your bio, so you'll be able to find us if you arrive part-way through the session :-)