Tuesday 2 October 2012

You, me and Yuletide

Lashings of Ginger Bee TimerPosted by Lashings of Ginger Beer Time

So, Yuletide is almost upon us - for those not aware, Yuletide is an annual fanfic exchange specialising in rare fandoms. You can find their FAQ here. And for the first time, Lashings has been nominated as a fandom! Several of us are current or former Yuletide writers and highly excited at this prospect - there was some squeeing at the AGM last week!  We thought it would be good to let you know some of our thoughts on fic being written about us and our stage personae.

Nominations will be open until October 3rd, so if you'd like click through and add another nomination for us (or for any fandom of your choice) there's still -- just! -- time.

More info may be added to this post later as more Lashers have fanficcy thoughts...

AnnalyticaI'm Annalytica. In real life my pronouns are she/her, but I'd be intrigued to read about a fictional gender-swapped version of myself if anyone felt like writing that. I'm bisexual and happy to be shipped with anyone but I'd be really uncomfortable if my character was in explicit sex scenes. In real life I am vanilla and monogamous. In fiction I'd be happy to be portrayed as poly, less happy to be portrayed as kinky. If Lashings were in the Worst Witch universe, I'd be Ethel Hallow.

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else, I'm Galatea. My pronouns are she/her, although I'd be very pleased to be gender-swapped or otherwise messed around with gender-wise, and frequently perform in a Tipping-the-Velvet-type masculine drag persona. I'm happy to be shipped with anyone or anything (except possibly Dave and Boris!) and to be written into just about any scenario unless it's under-age or non-consensual sex (both of which are Big Noes). If Lashings were an adventuring party in a ludicrous fantasy epic, I'd be a half-elf half-halfling wizard with a couple of levels in Eldritch Sarcasm.

I'm Sebastienne. My pronouns are she/her. I am a fat woman and would be uncomfortable with being portrayed as thin, but anything else you care to write is fine by me! Sexual things are fine, I'm queer/pansexual, poly, kinky, and shippable with most sentient beings to be honest. If Lashings existed in a dystopian future, I'd be a Valerie Solanas style gender terrorist.


I'm kaberett; my pronouns are they/them (or Spivak pronouns if you prefer). I'm queer, trans*, living with chronic mental & physical illness, and a vegetarian - I'd be uncomfortable with being written nomming cheerfully onna hamburger, for example, but otherwise am prretty relaxed. :-)

  Well hello there! I'm Orlando. My pronouns are they/them. I'm genderfluid and have long fabulous hair to which I am very attached. I'm queer and poly and don't mind being shipped with people of any gender; I'm fine with implied sexual relationships but please no specific acts! If I could choose a superpower, it would be teleportation (to stop me being late all the time) or shapeshifting (because GOODBYE DYSPHORIA!). My plan for life involves making as much art as possible, and smashing as much kyriarchy as possible. Also, cuddles. I am excited about the chance of being in utterly surreal fic, but for fans of accuracy I am also happy to answer burning research questions on orlando.de.maupin at gmail dot com.

AnonymousHey! I'm Valentina, I use a mixture of she/her and they/them, and I'm really excited about Yuletide : ) Please don't go for violent stuff when writing about me, and while I'm down with shippings and explicit sex, please stay away from under-age stuff, non-consensuality, and men. Otherwise, go for it! I'm queer and poly, and if Lashings was a cheesy superhero film, I'd be the one flying around spreading glitter.

I'm Lilka. I use she/her but am equally happy to be referred to by gender-neutral pronouns. I'm queer and poly. As a longtime Yuletider, I'm ridiculously excited about potentially being in an actualfax Yuletide fandom this year. Feel free to write me however you like, in any situation you like :) If Lashings were crossed over with the Redwall books, I'd be a hare.

Hello, I'm Cleopatra! I use she/her but am also pretty happy with gender-neutral pronouns. I'm queer but erm, it would be WILDLY out of character to write me as into dude-shaped types. I mean, there might be exceptions and I'm open-minded but it's not looking that way so far. Much like Lilka I'm also a longtime Yuletider and am wildly curious to see where this goes, and am pretty happy to see most anything people would care to write about me. I couldn't decide whether to describe myself as Mary Poppins, Polyanna or a My Little Pony. If I had a cutie-mark, it'd be some musical notes or a book.

Florestan is happy with anything fictional.


  1. This has got me all excited about Yuletide....but apparently I need an existing AO3 user to invite me before I can join in the fun. Anyone have any invite codes or whatever it is you need?

  2. I have sent you one! :D Hooray!