Tuesday 2 April 2013

Links round-up (02/04/2013)

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, in spite of their name, have done something amazing: launched a line of lip gloss from which all proceeds go towards gender affirmation/confirmation surgery for one of their employees. The employee in question, January Hunt, has been involved every step of the way - and OCC are covering manufacture and distribution costs.

You Are Loved is a project, currently in the fund-raising stage, aiming to provide mental health support specifically to trans* people. (Content note: issues faced by trans* people, including media hounding.)

Vocal manifestations of internal multiplicity is an apparently non-pathologising case study on plurality ("multiple personalities"), a state that's frequently stigmatised by the medical profession.The upshot? Independent analysis by multiple 'experts' distinguished - with far greater accuracy than can be explained by chance - between "Mary's voices", as distinct people.

More from the sociology department (content note: rape culture): When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men - and how the stereotype flipped.

LashFriend and awesome musician Ruth Pearce is organising a conference entitled Spotlight on: Genderqueer, to take place in Warwick in late April. They're putting significant effort into making the conference as accessible as possible - not just creating videos and podcasts for posterity, but attempting to get videolinking set up such that audience members who can't make it to the physical conference are still able to participate in terms of asking questions! Rock on, say we.

Feminism's Tipping Point: Who Wins from Leaning In? A feminist and intersectional critique of the book that's been the buzz (do you see what we did there) of the blogosphere for much of the past week.

And something sweet to finish on: the My Genderation project has put up videos taken during TRANSPOSE, interviewing members of the community on their relationship with gender - from the highly personal to the extremely academic. We're all very excited about this project!

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