Wednesday 24 April 2013

Links round-up

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There's less than TWO WEEKS to go on our IndieGogo fundraising drive! Please help us bring Fanny Whittington to Edinburgh Festival this year! Will intrepid young lesbian Fanny win the love interest of her dreams? Can she save her pet rat Basil from mortal peril? And - in a London where unemployment is illegal - can she avoid being the world's MOST UNPAID INTERN EVER? Fund our production, and find out for yourself!

The Revolution Will Not Be Polite: The Issue Of Nice Versus Good is an excellent look at, well, what it says on the tin: unpicking the differences between niceness and goodness, and how we can be unpleasant about people without upholding systemic oppression.

Sarah on repression, boarding school, and coming to terms with her identity:
 I buried everything that was truly me, deep down, and paved over the top with prejudice to make it stay there. Day-to-day I wore someone else’s face, someone who smiled and laughed at all the right times, someone who was happy.

On Kawaii and Appropriation is a taking-no-shit callout of appropriation of Japanese pop culture.

Quite a few of us have been following the online impact of Rachel Rostad's searingly critical poem "To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang" since it went viral recently. Reni Eddo-Lodge at The F-Word discusses how Rostad's response to criticism shows what call-out culture looks like when it's done right.

Zoe Stavri gives a quick run-down on what's really happening with the cancellation of transphobic conference RadFem13, in the face of accusations that it was shut down by MRAs. It's also worth reading Natacha Kennedy's more detailed piece, "TERFs, MRAs, and Lies About Trans People".

On Monday 29th, the DIY academic conference 'Spotlight on: Genderqueer' will take place: remote participation is available through the livestream and on the Twitter hashtag #gqconf. There will also be an evening event 'Fork The Binary' featuring genderqueer artists, run by The Cutlery Drawer and Rolling Head Promotions!

Finally: Miriam Dobson has made an absolutely ADORABLE infographic that explains intersectionality.

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