Tuesday 9 April 2013

Links round-up!

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First off - behind the scenes at Lashings, preparations for our panto Fanny Whittington are ramping up! You’ll be hearing a lot more about this soon, but in the meantime, please consider contributing to our Edinburgh fundraiser! (In return, you can get zines, badges, posters, CDs, DVDs, and for anybody who was particularly coveting kaberett’s Alt.Sex.Ed hat, we’re also offering wondrous handmade items...)

Recently there’s been a petition going round to ask that Iain Duncan Smith attempt to live on £53 a week (in the context of benefit cuts). If you’ve signed that one (or even if you haven’t), consider signing this one too: it calls for a cumulative impact assessment of the welfare reforms facing the UK.

... and in happier UK politics news, Bedroom Tax is now facing legal challenge, as is Personal Independence Payments (the proposed replacement for Disabled Living Allowance).

Zoe Stavri, a cis feminist on endemic transphobia within feminism: ‘When silencing isn’t silencing and sisterhood isn’t sisterhood’.

Queer feminist activist Lola Olson has written a book that blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality, and is selling copies to raise money for their surgery. (If they manage to get their surgery funded through other means, all proceeds will be donated to Gendered Intelligence.)

CN Lester is hosting an excellent Q&A series, with questions from cis people answered by a panel of diverse trans folk - start at this link and read on!

The death of Margaret Thatcher - who, in a Lashings context, has made villainous appearances in Cinderella, Alt.Sex.Ed, and a number of our cabaret shows - has had mixed responses, to say the least. Here are a few of them:

Glenn Greenwald on Thatcher’s legacy, and the problems of exhorting people to ‘speak no ill of the dead’
Melissa McEwan on the endemic misogyny in depictions of Thatcher (and on why she won’t be celebrating her death)
Emma Pooka offers ‘a feminist guide to celebrating Thatcher’s demise’

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